Our talent search is on!

    We are looking for motivated, talented, friendly performers that are up for fun times and lively events to join our team!

    We have a fantastic crew of reliable and super friendly entertainers performing super fun high-energy weddings and events.

    Want to join us? If you feel that you have good vocals and the ability to be able to entertain, then get in touch! It's a dream way to make some money as a performer.

    The gigs are all over Ireland so don't let your location be an issue. We do require that you have your own transport so please only apply if you drive and have a car, or van, or truck, or motorbike, or whatever way you can get yourself to the gig!

    Reliability is key - so only apply if you are willing to commit 1000% to bookings. This is a great gig working with a wonderful team of professionals. The spaces we are looking to fill are very limited, so get in touch as soon as you can!

    Please do supply any links of you performing that you may have as this will help us filter applications quicker!

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    Sample links of you performing - we can get more from you via email:

    Do you drive and have your own transport?

    Tell us about the experience you have singing, entertaining and performing... tell us about it and don't be shy!